Web Service Pricing
This general guideline will help in determining the costs involved in web projects.  For an estimate based on your design needs, fill out our quote form.
 If you have been pricing web services please call us at 480-380-6342, we will work with you to create a custom solution for your business and beat our competitors' pricing in most cases!
Hobby Breeders and Professional Handlers contact me for special pricing!

One Page Web


Single page, graphics, email links, text

Small Web $250-$500

Several linked pages, graphics, text, email link
(approximately 2-10 pages)

Medium Site $500-$700

Same as small web with forms, more pages & content (approximately 10-15 pages)

Large Web
$700-$2000 & up Larger than medium site in pages & content, includes forms, etc. (approximately 15 pages )

Prices are just guidelines email us with your sites specifics for a accurate detailed quote.

Online store
$1000-$3500 & up

Medium to Large web with shopping cart, ecommerce, and/or database


Email us with the URL, and info on what needs to be done



Let us do all the maintenance for you at great prices!.

Graphic Design
$50-85.00 hr.

photo scanning, gif building, artwork, graphics manipulation

Newsletters $50. Hr. Construction of newsletter you must have subscription or distribution list.
Promotions email

We can discuss exactly what you need.

Monthly Hosting 10.00-

 X-large webs or webs with special features a little higher.